Why a mobile friendly site is essential in 2018

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June 19, 2017
Building a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2018
Building a mobile friendly website in 2018
January 9, 2018

Why a mobile friendly site is essential in 2018

Mobile Friendly Websites

*Google will demote your website in its search results

**6 out of 10 potential customers are likely to leave your site in favour of a competitor – who’s site does provide a good experience on their phone

Less visibility with Google = less phone calls, walk-in customers and enquiries
Losing 60% of potential website customers = less quotes and phone calls

More than 60% of all Internet activity is now conducted on mobiles – it’s as high as 80% for some businesses.

How people search for businesses, products and services

How people find businesses online

Google Search, Maps & Voice Assistant – Android mobiles
Google Search & Maps – Desktop PCs
Apple Maps & Siri Voice Search – Apple mobile devices & Macs
Microsoft Bing Search & Maps – Desktop PCs

Getting started with a mobile friendly website

  • Conduct keyword research to find out what customers are looking for
  • Develop a mobile friendly website (WordPress is a popular choice)
  • Include an online quote or enquiry form
  • Optimise the content to align with the keyword research findings
  • *Set up and optimise your key digital assets (Google, Microsoft, Apple etc)

*Your Google business listing is really important. Every month it will deliver:

  • Phone calls
  • Walk-in customers
  • Website visitors

(This data is captured from phone users and displayed in a dashboard)


Local SEO

Google Insight Statistics

The business impact of websites not optimised for phones

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