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Ivolution Consulting - SEO Success Stories - Friendly Pharmacy Belmore NSW
SEO Success Stories – Friendly Pharmacy Belmore NSW
December 22, 2015
Ivolution Consulting - Online Marketing Adelaide - SEO Success Stories - Windsor Gardens Caravan Park
SEO Success Stories – Windsor Gardens Caravan Park
December 24, 2015

Specialist Doors & Windows Etc (SDWETC) moved premises twice during the past 10-15 years, leaving a trail of old, incorrect business listings in their wake. These old listings don’t just sit their providing incorrect address details and phone numbers, they actively work against any other online marketing initiatives.

In addition to the above, the business had multiple Gmail addresses connected to various Google Plus / Google Places & YouTube accounts.

Our first task involved cleaning up the Google services, connecting them all with a single Gmail account and optimising SDWETC’s Google My Business listing.


Setting up a Google My Business / Plus account correctly is the most important aspect of any ‘Local’ SEO work. It lets Google know where you are. The aim is to occupy one of the 3 Google Places spots below the map on the search results page – if you can attain the first position that’s even better.

Ivolution Consulting -SEO Success Stories - Specialist Doors & Windows EtcEVERYTHING matters when you set up a Google My Business account; the business categories you choose, your trading area, how and what you name your photos, business description and most importantly, business name, address & phone number (NAP).

It’s not only essential for your SEO work, a Google My Business account also records a lots of important information. Every 7, 30 or 90 days it will tell you how many people clicked through to your website, used it for driving directions to your business and, best of all … how many people phoned your business.

Occupying one of the 3 Google Places listings also makes it easy for people to find you and call you on their mobile devices (see right).

Other Google Services connected included Google Analytics, YouTube Channel & a Google Map (associated with the business – not just the road/street).

A common issue that Ivolution Consulting encounters when setting up Google services correctly involves unravelling multiple Gmail accounts. It’s not uncommon for us to remove multiple, duplicate Google My Business pages and YouTube Channels.


During the commercial Internet’s formative years businesses were added to all manner of online directories for a variety of reasons, usually without the company’s permission or knowledge. This situation is exacerbated even more when they move premises. SDWETC had relocated on two occasions.

Our initial investigations in July 2014 uncovered around 60 citations with incorrect business name, address & phone details. Of these, we managed to update around 30-35 (many of the old directories had neither a contact facility or edit / delete function).

Our work started to pay dividends almost immediately, SDWETC began appearing prominently for all 14 of the key business terms they wished to rank for. Over the preceding months their positioning on the first search results page continued to climb until they attained the No. 1 Google My Business listing and SERP result for most of their chosen search terms.


SDWETC’s website had recently been redeveloped prior to Ivolution Consulting’s involvement, therefore we had to optimise it as best we could. This was particularly challenging as quite a few of the key pages had very little (or no) content for us to work with.

The Caravan Park was sold to the Aspen Group in late 2015, the website we developed was decommissioned as the Park was integrated into the new owners’ website. Ivolution Consulting assisted with the change over.


Specialist Doors & Windows Etc has occupied the 1st Google My Business / Plus position and the first SERP result for the search term ‘door repairs adelaide’. In addition to this, it has also achieved similar ranking for ‘window repairs adelaide‘, ‘door installation adelaide‘ & ‘window installation adelaide‘. Website traffic also increased considerably.

Not 1c has been invested since the SEO work was undertaken in July 2014.

NB: Since the initial SEO work 18 months ago, a number of old listings and directories have been removed / closed. A further 50 citations were added in December 2015, these will turbocharge SDWETC’s search engine rankings for 2016.

Ivolution Consulting - Online Marketing Adelaide - SEO Success Stories - Specialist Doors & Windows Etc

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