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Ivolution Consulting - Online Marketing Adelaide - SEO Success Stories - Windsor Gardens Caravan Park
SEO Success Stories – Windsor Gardens Caravan Park
December 24, 2015
Ivolution Consulting - Online Marketing Adelaide - SEO Success Stories - Adelaide Caravan Park
SEO Success Stories – Adelaide Caravan Park
December 24, 2015

PhysioXtra Norwood had moved premises twice in recent years; a business renaming also occurred. As a consequence of these changes PhysioXtra Norwood was largely invisible in the eyes of Google.

Multiple addresses, multiple business names (with numerous variations) and several different phone numbers.

Instead of finding one company, Google was seeing 8-10 different businesses due to the name, address & phone number (NAP) variations when someone searched for ‘physio norwood’

6 weeks after implementing an SEO strategy that involved optimisation of their Google My Business / Plus account and cleaning up PhysioXtra Norwood’s citations, the change has been dramatic.


PhysioXtra Norwood’s Google Places listing is now one of the 3-Pack, viewed more than 2,500 times each month. Their organic SERP also ranks highly. Traffic to the website has increased significantly, many people are using it for driving directions … but best of all, inbound monthly phone calls have almost trebled to 150 a month.


Setting up a Google My Business / Plus account correctly is the most important aspect of any ‘Local’ SEO work. It lets Google know where you are. The aim is to occupy one of the 3 Google Places spots below the map on the search results page – if you can attain the first position that’s even better.

EVERYTHING matters when you set up a Google My Business account; the business categories you choose, your trading area, how and what you name your photos, business description and most importantly, business name, address & phone number.

It’s not only essential for your SEO work, a Google My Business account also records a lots of important information. Every 7, 3o or 90 days it will tell you how many people clicked through to your website, used it for driving directions to your business and, best of all … how many people phoned your business.

Occupying one of the 3 Google Places listings also makes it easy for people to find you and call you on their mobile devices.

Other Google Services connected included Google Analytics & a Google Map (associated with the business – not just the road/street).

PhysioXtra may replace the incumbent from the No. 1 Google Places position in the coming months as the citation work really kicks in, however this could occur sooner if they put the effort into getting reviews, using the strategy provided.


Ivolution Consulting developed and optimised the PhysioXtra website several years ago, it has consistently attracted a lot of visitors each month.

A website really only needs to achieve two things to be successful;

  • Be easy to find and
  • Easy to do business with


Our initial investigations in October 2015 uncovered around 80 citations with incorrect business name, address & phone details. Of these, we managed to update around 50-60 (many of the old directories had neither a contact facility or edit / delete function).

Our work started to pay dividends almost immediately, PhysioXtra Norwood began appearing prominently for the most common search term ‘physio norwood’. In the coming months, they may attain the No. 1 Google My Business listing and continue to maintain their high ranking SERP result.


PhysioXtra Norwood has gone from invisible to occupying one of the top 3 Google My Business / Plus positions within 6 weeks, its SERP listing also ranks highly on the first results page for the search term ‘physio norwood’. The work is now delivering around 150 inbound phone calls every 30 days. Not 1c has been invested in SEO work since the Google My Business and citation work.

Ivolution Consulting -SEO Success Stories - PhysioXtra Norwood


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