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SEO Success Stories – Apollon Motor Inn
December 20, 2015
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SEO Success Stories – Friendly Pharmacy St Marys
December 21, 2015

Ivolution Consulting SEO Success Stories - High Quality Crash RepairsHigh Quality Crash Repairs was renamed in early 2015 from Hi-Quality Paint n Panel. As a result of the name change it had no history with Google. However, all its listings for the previous business name were now actively working against it.

The client wanted to rank for ‘crash repairs somerton park’ as there was a dominant competitor already occupying the first page rankings for this search term along with many other crash repair businesses operating in the suburb – several of which are also on the same street.


Previously, the business only had a 1-page web presence, therefore the first task for Ivolution Consulting was the development of a mobile friendly website optimised for search engines.


Setting up a Google My Business / Plus account correctly is the most important aspect of any ‘Local’ SEO work. It lets Google know where you are. The aim is to occupy one of the 3 Google Places spots below the map on the search results page – if you can attain the first position that’s even better.

EVERYTHING matters when you set up a Google My Business account; the business categories you choose, your trading area, how and what you name your photos, business description and most importantly, business name, address & phone number.

It’s not only essential for your SEO work, a Google My Business account also records a lots of important information. Every 7, 3o or 90 days it will tell you how many people clicked through to your website, used it for driving directions to your business and, best of all … how many people phoned your business.

Occupying one of the 3 Google Places listings also makes it easy for people to find you and call you on their mobile devices.

Other Google Services connected included Google Analytics and Google Maps (associated with the business – not just the road/street).


Citations are any online references to a business that include business name, address & phone number (NAP). If all other things are equal (eg. relevant content, same location) a business with more matching citations will out rank similar businesses with less. When Google looks to provide relevant results to a search query it uses 3 key criteria:

  • Relevance (your website content)
  • Prominence (how many matching citations you have)
  • Distance (location of your business in relation to the search query)

The challenge with High Quality Crash Repairs was locating all the business listings for Hi-Quality Paint n Panel, creating accounts to claim them and then update the information to represent the new business name. Once a business has ownership of its online listings they can also be optimised like a website. Within a few months, all the listings working against the business now began working for it – the results of which can be seen below.


High Quality Crash Repairs now occupies the 1st Google My Business / Plus position and the 1st Organic Search Result for the search term ‘crash repairs somerton park’. Not 1c has been invested since the SEO work was undertaken in June 2015. Additional to the above, the business also has online business listings ranking on the first search results page, denying competitors the opportunity to appear.


Ivolution Consulting - Online Marketing Adelaide - SEO Success Stories - High Quality Crash Repairs

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